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No matter your age, Igor and Birdie are quick at suggesing one-of-a-kind quips Birdie and Terrythat puts life into perspective for you give to your loved ones. Share your image ideas, your unique outlook on birthdays and aging, color and material choices with Birdie to get a no obligation quote. We provide free shipping when you buy 5 or more cards/invitations in one order, and offer bulk discount pricing to keep your messages affordable.

Contact Birdie or Terry Callaghan today to start your customized greeting cards!

  • Card images shown are unique, one of a kind, hand-made cards commissioned by our customers for their message.
  • Materials and colors used on cards are subject to change without notice due to raw material availability.
  • Color reproduction on different computer/mobile devices can and does vary.
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Card Design and Creation: Birdie
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Sat. Hours: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm CST                             
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